Bishop Joseph Brinson Jr. is the Presiding Prelate of
Covenant of Grace Fellowship International (COGFI).
He is a man on a mission and is taking over territory
for the Kingdom of God. There are some leaders
blessed with a unique anointing to disciple others
and propel them into their destiny. Bishop Joseph
Brinson Jr. is, without a doubt, such a leader.

Gifted with the ability to expound upon God's word
and release captives by virtue of the heavy prophetic
mantle that rests upon his life, Bishop Brinson is
shaking up the world for the glory of God.

A dynamically gifted Preacher, Teacher, Singer,
Counselor and Revivalist reared from an anointed
lineage of called vessels, this Shepherd is assigned
to reach and deliver nations.  He is  committed to
ministry, following in the footsteps of his father,
Bishop Joseph Brinson, Sr. , where he learned as a
child  to reverence and fear the Lord.

Though firmly fixed in his calling today, at one point in
his life, Bishop, who is also the Founder of UNITY
FEST, WNY's premiere annual regional conference,
pursued selfish ambitions that led him along a path
of destruction.
He became a notorious drug dealer in WNY, capturing the attention of law enforcement officials. Though
warned prophetically by God through his own father to abandon his dealings or face the repercussions, young
and headstrong, he turned a deaf ear to the Lord's beckoning and was subsequently caught up in a Sting
Operation that resulted in 13 long years of imprisonment.

While incarcerated, Bishop Joseph Brinson Jr. committed his life to the Lord, vowing to give up his lavish and
high risk lifestyle to yield to the call of ministry once released.

He kept his vow to God.

In 2005, Bishop accepted the pastoral mandate on his life; as a result, Covenant of Grace Fellowship
International was birthed. Today, he is not afraid to tackle hard, relevant issues facing this generation. He
preaches in- your- face messages with clarity and candor, drawing many people to Christ.

Aside from his ministerial roles, Bishop Brinson is a husband to his wife of four years,
Lady Bertha Brinson.
Together they parent six wonderful children and also serve as surrogate parents for many children in the
church and community.

Bishop is a Kingdom-builder and will stop at nothing to win souls to Christ.

Through his ministry, lives are being snatched from the grips of sin and destruction. He is indeed "Empowering
people, to empower a community, that empowers the world!"

To connect with Bishop Brinson Jr. or invite him to your event or conference, please contact Covenant of Grace
Ministries' Administrator

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