What begins as only a small plant,
when placed placed in the hands of one
who is willing to nurture it and cause it to
grow, can spring up and develop into
something strong, stable, and
spectacular. Just as the early church in
Acts of the Apostles proved, a committed
body of believers with a common
purpose, coupled with the dedication
necessary to see real change happen in
the earth, can accomplish anything!

That's what
Covenant of Grace
Fellowship International
is all about:
Providing a nurturing covering and
growing the body of Christ into a strong
and mighty force. Let's build together.
How COGFI Began
Feeling the call of God to provide a covering for growing ministries in need of God-
centered guidance and direction,
Bishop Joseph Brinson Jr., Senior Pastor of Covenant
of Grace Ministries, launched Covenant of Grace Fellowship International, a non-
denominational fellowship of churches that embraces multi-cultural ministries of all sizes
irrespective of denomination.

COGFI Core Focus
COGFI focuses primarily on strengthening local churches and equipping them to be
effective in ministry, so that the individuals they serve may in turn sow into other
persons, neighborhoods and communities; and as a result, reach a global harvest of souls.
Our purpose is to empower leaders to carry out the work of God's Kingdom.

COGFI Commitment
We promise to honor the following essential elements of our Kingdom Covenant

To provide spiritual covering of anointed vessels through spirit-led discipling.

To meld together ministry goals, while yet respecting the independent identity of
each ministry.

To always walk in accordance with Kingdom principles and provide a Godly

To impart wisdom and knowledge into pastors to position them to maximize their

To hold Annual Convocations and Conferences as a time of refreshing, inspiration,
and impartation for churches.

To conduct ordination services on behalf of men and women who have served with
integrity, have heard the clarion call of God to ministry, and exhibit the qualities of
a leader.

To provide preferred seating, special rates and some special accommodations for
members that wish to attend special events and conferences held by Covenant of
Grace Ministries throughout the year.
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